Adding to my many post on email functionality with ERPNext

I have spent several days reveiwng the documents, post and logs to identify a strategey to troubleshoot emaill issues and since email is a very important part of erp i am now reaching out again to the community. i have configured the standard email accouts and they have validated however no new mail shows up since the addition of email inbox in version 8 i have several post on issues with email with little helpful guuidance on how we can help resolve, this was ok because we have not had confidence in ERPNext to move it to our day to day tool however we would like to do so. serching things like email error log our queue have yeilded no beneficial information and with the lack of documentation or logic/ roadmap as to whay changes are made to the email functionality have made this very frusterationg. as it stands there is no inbound functionality despite the account being validated.
here are the accounts there is nothing in the error logs its like its not even trying to poll the mailboxes;

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please check if there is any error log in Error Log document, Also check if your scheduler is enabled or not

If I am doing bench update on only master why would my error log disappear isn’t it created by default and this was original v 7 install and upgraded to v8 I am disappointed that things are there and then disappear with an update and no guidelines of necessary actions in the update notes?

scheduler is running and no error logs just make new error log button

re-enabled scheduler using bench --site enable-scheduler
and it is now working I thought this was accomplished by bench update as a sanity check apparently not?

I’ve been testing emails quite a bit. Mostly it’s good but there are a few bugs.

Make sure you associate emails with style least Communication as the doctype
You will need to change permission s if deleting emails
Deleting emails and marking as Trash are different things
If you delete an email with an attachment you will get an error msg though it does delete the files

I have lots of notes and bug reports which if I get a minute I will reply with … good luck

The webinar video of vers 8 beta has some email info not anywhere else …