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I have around 20000 products of the same type but each individual item has a unique price and discount code. In the current item list, I can see multiple prices at a item level but not at a barcode level. How do I go about doing this?

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Can you explain a bit more as to why you want to associate a price with a bar code? Do you foresee having a single item and multiple bar codes for the item and each barcode should have a different price. Like, say you have a generic item called Art Work and then each Art Work will maybe have a serial number and will be priced based on different attributes of the art work.



Hi Jay,

Thank you for the response. We have multiple of vehicles of the same type to be sold in the second hand market. Depending on the age of the bike, each bike has a different price to be sold at.
The bikes are sold from different locations, we need to treat them like inventory so transfer processes, audit etc can happen.

The trouble I am facing is on how to model the bikes in ERPNext. Each bike will have a unique identifier (number plate) and specific price attached to it.

Hi @Balakumaran_Panneers
According to me you have two options
Option1: Create a Separate Item for each Bike and Store the License Plate as Serial Number and store the Pricing information in Pricelist against the Item. You can even store separate Barcode numbers for each item, if you store them as separate Item.
Pro: This method will require no customisation or Custom Scripts
Con: If you have 20,000 items, creating separate items can seem daunting but you can group similar type of products using the Item Group field, lets say you have 1000 nos of Bajaj Pulsar with different License plate and rates, define the Item group as Bajaj Pulsar and you will get all the Pulsars by filtering the Item group
Option2: Create Items based on the Make and Model like you can create an Item for Bajaj Pulsar and another for Splender. Then you will have to add separate SKUs as an Item with their License Plate as a Serial Number and store the Selling price (SP) in the Serial No doctype. Then you will need to write a Custom Script to fetch the SP based on Serial No selected.
Pro: Easy for data entry
Con: You will have to write some custom code and maintain it

Hope this helps.

May be Jay can shed some light too and give his thoughts.


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Thanks Manan. I will explore these.