Adding User Guide translation

I’d like to add initial User Guide translation into Lithuanian starting from Introduction.
I’m hoping to get some Finance ministry funding for ERPNext localization (no idea how successful this may play out). It would be very helpful to have User Guide Introduction publically available and easy accessible as it contains essential intro into what ERPNext is about, translated that and made a Pull request .

@kennethsequeira, @rmehta


How to properly test foundation website locally? It’s not obvious how to structure indices for translated titles to show up, also to see sidebar in action would be prefereable before committing.

Any suggestions?

  1. Create a new site for the foundation site in your frappe-bench folder
    bench new-site
  2. install foundation app on the same. The app is downloaded with ERPNext. In case it is not, you can do so by the following command:
    bench get-app foundation
    bench --site <sitename> install-app foundation

PS: the foundation site also needs another app called frappe theme which has the right css. You can install it in the same manner

  1. Create new branch in the foundation app folder to make changes. From frappe-bench folder:
    cd apps/foundation
    Create new branch with command: git branch <name>

  2. Make changes in the md files. Any images which need to be added, can be done in this folder:

  3. Refresh browser to view changes. You can add the following line in your common_site_config.json file:
    "disable_website_cache": 1, "developer_mode": 1

  4. Once changes are reviewed, you can do git add and git commit.
    This will be basically how the site will look incorporating your changes.

  5. Push to remote and raise PR. Since there are translations, it would be nice if some other community member is able to verify it.

  6. For indexing, you need a index.txt file which will have the structure. How you will list the topics is how they are reflected. In every topic, you need a file as well. is your introduction page in that topic.

  1. Structure listed in index.txt file:

I’ll make sure to add these as a wiki on the foundation site so future contributions become easier.


Thanks, will try this soon.

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This should help everyone: