Adding Vacation Usage Status to Salary Slip

I would like to add a brief summary of annual leave available, used and maybe remaining to each employees salary slip a la the employee leave balance report

I can quickly add a couple of rows to the salary slip through customize form but what do I do next to grab the variable data?

Perhaps you can refer the Leave allocation Report for the data.
To do so Go to Leave allocation>> Report >> Report builder >> From “Pick Columns” you can pick the required column such as Total Leaves allocated, Unused Leaves to generate the report.

Hope this helps.

Thank you, but my goal was to let our staff understand their leave status each month and this seems easiest by a small addition to the salary slip. Is it not possible?

Is it possible to get leave balance details in Salary Slips? Or else please let us know how to use sql in print formats.

I wonder if there has been any progress in this area since I posted the question in March 2017?