Adding web page and web form

Sorry for this. But i am new user. When i was add a new web page and new web form on frappe desk. But i cant able to see the in website. In website ahowing error. " page missing or moved ". And when i am trying to add new item in default products page it was also accure the error. The item is not displayed in default prosucts page. So now. Ehat can i do. Plz help

you can read:

Probably you are giving the correct path or may be you have not published the web form and webpage.

Where i give the path for add webpage. Plz help me out. Can u plz share the screenshot regarding give the correct path.

hi @Tanvir_Diwan,
use this step:
1.Go to Website Setting there will be an add the Url


Still dont find this field in website setting. Can u plz show me step to step. Help guys

Share some screenshots of what you have done so far.