Addition of UOM to Item price Lists

If an Item is created with a default UOM, say ‘Bottle’, a Price List entry can be created against it as a default price. Then we create an alternative UOM for the Item, say ‘Carton’ with a conversion rate of 12.
Now when a Purchase Order for the item is created, the default UOM price is auto entered, if we change the order UOM to ‘Carton’, the price is not automatically calculated (in reality, the larger purchase size would not always be 12x the Bottle size as there would norally be a better price available from the supplier).
Therefore, as a solution, would it be possible to change the Price Lists structure to allow for additional UOM based pricing per item - that way when a Carton is selected as the order UOM, the correct price will be populated in the form?

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The same discussion is going on the github issue below, let’s discuss on it at the same thread.

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I have been trying to save our custom app to our repository for installation on a test server and all I seem to be able to do so far is to get the fixtures.

I have created the new App and created a new DocType in the App. In addition I have added some custom fields to the ErpNext App.

Using ‘bench export-fixtures’ exports the customisations but I can’t see how to do the same for the custom App/DocTYpe.

When I push to the repository and then install on the test server, the custom fields are there but not the new app.

Could you run through the correct procedure for me?


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Hi, update to the previous post regarding how to push the custom app.

I managed to find a post that mentioned about using the administrator user when creating apps/doctypes, so I tried the whole process again whilst using ‘administrator’ in developer mode and lo-and-behold the correct file structure was created under the app.
Once that was working I was able to push the app to our repository etc.

Many thanks