Additional Rules in Role Permissions Manager is not working

I created a user and assigned the role ‘Sales User’. In Role Permissions Manager, the permissions listed are working properly.
But, the Sales User can also see the DocTypes from Quality, Service, and a few other modules. When I add a new rule in the Role Permissions Manager to deny access, it is not applied for the user.

Can someone please tell me what am I doing wrong?

Can you also check the user to make sure no other roles are assigned? If the user can see other documents not listed in the ‘Sales User’ role this can point to two things:

  1. Other roles have been assigned which may override the Sales User permissions
  2. Some permissions from the role ‘All’ (if you’re on earlier versions)

I am on version v13.9.2, and no, there are no other roles assigned.

Sorry, my mistake. There IS a role named All that is only visible to the Administrator.