Additional setting missed in user master after bench update

Dear Team,

after bench update --reset && upgrade.

came to know that role and other settings are not found.

but i dont think that it has been happened due to update.


any one have any idea what could be the step to achieve.

Your help is really appreciate.

Check if your user has System Manager role. These fields are not visible to regular users. Also sharing the frappe and erpnext versions of your instance will help to dig if this is a version specific problem as well.

Dear @kennethsequeira thanks for the reply.

I have update from ErpNext 12.10.1 and frappe 12.8.0
to ErpNext 12.11.1 and frappe 12.9.0 success no error then i generated on test case (created user for website login) for the reply to one of the user over this forum. found that user type is missing when try to change password.



I have restored old backup. May be some where happened misconfiguration by me.

admin can close this.