Additional Tab after adding Workflow to the Document


Please see the screen shot below.

In my custom app using frappe, I have created two Tab Break called “PART-A” and “PART-B” and these were working fine. However, after adding workflow to the document, an additional Tab has appeared named “Details”. I do not want this Tab.

Please help me to remove this Tab.

@clarkej @rmehta any idea about this issue?

Please don’t tag random people from the forum. We’re all doing this on a volunteer basis. In this case, you’ve also tagged someone who very sadly passed away a few years ago.

If you want help, please provide as much information as possible. In this case, you should be showing us at least the field definition screen for your doctype. Workflow details might be helpful too.

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@peterg I am sorry hear that. He had replied me couple of solution. Praying for his eternal peace.

Anyway, after adding workflow a custom field named “workflow_state” has been created and then this “details” tab break appears.

Some of the DocType Fields:

Custom Field:

Guys, I have created workflow_state field myself, instead of letting the system to create Custom Field. That resolved the Additional Tab Break issue.