Additional timing entry in job-card

Good day all.

Trust you had a great weekend.

Over the weekend I moved from V12 to V13. Stil just checking out everything on the new

I did a dummy production plan with a multi-level BOM and found that on the job-cards there
is always an additional time-entry before you even start with the activity related to the job-card,

Here is a screen-shot of the timing table before I started.

and here is a screen-shot of the timing table after I completed the timing cycle which was 2 minutes.

And if you clear the entry BEFORE you start the activity, then it gets placed straight back
when you click start.

On some job-cards the time that is added ( in this case 25 minuted ) seem to come from
the BOM. But some job-cards have random time that I have not been able to link to anything.

Has anyone seen something similar ? My actions are all the same as I did on V12, but still I have to ask if I am doing something wrong?

Thank you