Additionale filter on Supplier Ledger Summary


I am using V13.27.1

It seems that supplier ledger summary adds all the “Accounts Payable” ledger rentries for this
report (e.g. for a particular supplier). I have a situation that requires the selection of
a particular account. I had a look at the report and there is place to add a filter, but if I
add a filter “Account” it does not add an “Account”-filter next to the existing filters ?

Am I misunderstanding things ? Is my expectation incorrect ?

Please, is there not someone that can offer some assistance with this one?

I want to add “Account” as a filter on the Supplier Ledger Summary report.

So I have added a filter entry on the report …

And here is the item-row entry …

But still I do not get an Account filter field on the top of the report when I run it.
I don’t want to raise it as an issue unless I am sure that I have done everything

Please, if someone could comment if my procedure seems correct?