Address DocType portal form not getting updated after customization

I have customized the Address doctype to make the city/town docField a select type. Now in the desk view for a system user, i can see that the field is modified to a Select type.

But in the portal form view, its still a data text field.

What do i do to make the Address form in portal pick the new customized address doctype changes.

Do i have to run some commands, to regenerate the html for address doctype, such that the new customized address doctype fields get picked.

Desk view with customized address docType

Portal Form view of Address.

Pls let me know. I need to restrict addresses to only certain area.

You’ll need to update the Webform for Address too.

Goto Web Form > Address and delete the row for city town and add it again, hopefully this will correctly set it same as in the master. If not automatically done, you can manually do so too.

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Thank you very much for the prompt response. @Zlash65

Seems like i have to be in developer mode to do that. I tried it on another server where i have developer mode on it worked.

Now in my production server, can i just run the "bench set-config developer_mode 1 " command, do the webform change. And then set “bench set-config developer_mode 0”.

Will there be any sideaffects.

Surely you can do so, it won’t have any side effects on your server.

Thanks @Zlash65. i will do the same.

Just wondering why this formview doctypes are disabled form direct production customizations.

Hi @Zlash65 , now that i know that the webform json file is /home/frappe/frappe-bench/apps/erpnext/erpnext/utilities/web_form/addresses/address.json.

Instead of going to developer mode customizing the form, can i directly change the file manually and do a reload. There is no server logic in the

Instead of the overhead of enabling and disabling developer mode in production.