Address Layout and printing field size

Hi, I need some help with the address layout.

I tried changing the address layout under the “Address Layout” tab, but it does not seem to have any effect and the layout is always stuck on default even after changes.
My main aim is to make a more compact customer address for the invoice printing, as I think the default layout take too many lines.
For example I am trying to put the the postal code, province/state and city in 1 line instead of having it on 3 lines in default.

The second issue is the amount of characters each line takes before going down to a 2nd line.
I have several customer company names and email addresses, etc that goes down to a 2nd line which is not needed as there seem to be a lot of wasted space to the left and right of the fields.

For example there is a lot of space between the Address title and where the actual address starts, as well as a lot of space to the right of the address fr the 2nd column in the default print layouts and I cannot find any way to adjust this.

Is there anyway for me to adjust this?


Try to create your own custom print format