Address not appearing

I created an Export Invoice in DocType which is very similar to Sales Invoice. I need both Export and Sales invoice.

I did exactly what it appears in Sales Invoice.

But unfortunately, when I select the customer the address is not appearing.
Newly created Export Invoice:

In Sales invoice, the address of the customer is appearing immediately after I select the customer.

What is the wrong with my Export Invoice? How can I resolve it?

Thanks for your support.


Hi have you copied the javascript file of Sales invoice also?

No, I haven’t copied. I have only marked read only. Can you pls tell me how to copy the javascript. I believe it has to be copied into the custom script, correct?

if you want to customize erpnext default use custom script. but if you created your own doctype then you have to edit the javascript in your app’s folder. Assuming you have created your own app.