Address Template Syntax Error

I am trying to setup Address Template

{{ 20/1 }}

{% if address_line2 %}{{6th_Main}}
{% endif -%}
{{ city }}

{% if state %}{{ state }}
{% endif -%}
{% if pincode %} PIN: {{ pincode }}
{% endif -%}
{{ country }}

{% if phone %}Phone: {{ phone }}
{% endif -%}
{% if fax %}Fax: {{ fax }}
{% endif -%}
{% if email_id %}Email: {{ email_id }}
{% endif -%}

In the first line of the code, I have put 20/1 and it saves fine but
in the second line of the code, I have put 6th_main and this throws up a syntax error

Line 2: unexpected char u’t’ at 40
Syntax error in template

please help me out on the syntax

Try to use {{‘6th Main’}} for string, in case you want to concatenate use + along with string and the other field name

Thanks a lot Pawan
Any references so that I can start learning
Thanks Again

You can search for Jinja template in google, you should get most of the information you need related to print formats

thanks pawan

Please help me on the subcontract issue
either I have not understood the logic or I am not doing it just right
please help me with the example I have posted
I am stuck very badly