Addresses and Contacts for Holiday Card

Hi there-
We are on ERPNext Cloud. We need to run a report in order to create address labels for our annual holiday card. We need to have the company name, company contact name, company address. How can I get this report into Excel? Thanks!

The Addresses and Contacts Report will get you started, but you may need to run it more than once, for Customers, Suppliers and Sales Partners for example.

Thanks for the response. Mine all show blank on that report except for the name…

Are the addresses linked to the customer? At the bottom of the address doctype:

Yes, here’s an example of one of those on the list shown above…
I think everything is right?

To get you out of this bind quickly, I suggest the Address report. You have to modify the “ID” field to show the Customer Contact’s Name

Type it into the Awesome bar: Address Report
Or directly into the URL as shown below

Then you may choose Pick Columns button shown with the red arrow to select which columns you’d like shown. Click Update when you have the columns selected. Once satisfied, you may export to excel if desired.

Thanks, that is what we ended up doing. I actually reported the issue to ERPNext support team as I’m on hosted cloud. They confirmed they can replicate the issue and are working to fix it. I was experiencing the same issue in both of my cloud instances - v10 and v11.


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