Addressing GitHub Issues, Seeking Volunteers, and Version Support Update

Greetings Community,

We’ve conducted a comprehensive analysis and made some important updates regarding GitHub issues, support versions, and seeking volunteer assistance.

Support Update:

In our ongoing efforts to enhance security, we have discontinued support for versions older than 13. we are unable to provide assistance for these outdated versions. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

GitHub Issues in Versions 12 and 13:

We’ve observed numerous issues in versions 12 and 13. To streamline our efforts, we kindly request your assistance. If you come across an issue, please replicate it in the new versions 14 or 15. If the problem persists, update a GitHub issue with a valid tag and specify the module name.

Why Replicate in New Versions?

Developers may not have sufficient time to validate every issue, and non-developers might not be aware of issue resolutions. By replicating problems in the latest versions, tagging them as ‘valid,’ and specifying the module name, you contribute significantly to our collective efficiency.

How You Can Help:

We invite volunteers to join us on GitHub. Your support in replicating and tagging issues, especially in ERPNext and Frappe App, is crucial. If you are a regular contributor, we will grant you access. This collaborative effort ensures that valid problems are promptly identified and resolved, contributing to the ongoing improvement of our platform.

Thank you for being an integral part of our community, and together, let’s make our platform even better.

Thank You!