Adjust the Height of the Text Editor Widget

Is there any way to customize a form to allow for greater expansion of the Quill Text Editor widget? I’m not finding any documentation or form entries on the topic.

If it’s a custom app

You can set the max-height on the DocType Field if its a Text Editor type.

Find the field in the list and scroll down you will find the option Max Height, set as you wish.
You can make it small than default, use cannot make it bigger or smaller

If you make it big, user can resize the hight to the predefined max height

Interesting. The latest version of Frappe seems to allow for expansion by dragging down the bottom right corner of the editor. I couldn’t get the Max Height to do anything for me.

It would be great if there was a setting to force the editor height to expand to fit the length of the content, IMO.

Oh i get it
Like a dynamic resize based on the content

That could be a great UI option in Frappe