Adjustment of submitted payment entry

Good day.

I have a situation at hand. A customer with 5 issued invoices made full payment for two of the invoices which has being posted and submitted on the payment entry. On paying for the remaining two invoices, he paid less their total. On enquiry, it was discovered that withholding tax amount for the earlier 3 invoices was deducted and balance paid.
Please how can i adjust the earlier payment without cancelling the payment entry? Journal could have been used but payment entry is not linked to journal.
Thank you in advance for your response.


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Your post is a little confusing. Plus it will help if you illustrate with figures/numbers. Even if you don’t want to use real numbers, you can use numbers to illustrate the concept.

It becomes easier for people to respond when they see numbers. Right now, it’s a bit hard to figure out what’s in your head. :slight_smile: No offence meant.

Please see of the “Match Payments with Invoices” feature helps your situation.



Hi Jay Ram,
Ok, let me use an illustration to explain myself better.
A company have 5 invoices which has been imputed and submitted on ERP as follows; Invoice 1- $700,000
Invoice 2- $530,000
Invoice 3- $700,000
Invoice 4- $220,000
Invoice 5- 700,000.
Note: invoice is VAT inclusive @ 7.5%.
He made payments as follows;
Invoice 1- $700,00
Invoice 2- $530,000
Invoice 3- $700,000.
All payments was duly posted to erp through the payments entry. Having invoice 4 & 5 as outstanding totalling $920,000. On paying these outstanding invoices, he paid $787,441.86 with the payment advice stating that the amount paid is outstanding amount less 5% withholding tax on all 5 invoices.
My question;
Having posted the full payment of the previous 3 invoices, how can I amend the payment to reflect the withholding tax without cancelling the payment entry?

Okay, got it!

How about making payment entries for all payments received and then passing a Journal Entry Crediting Accounts Receivalbe and against the Party and Debiting an account - Tax Withholding Account? In the comments you can say this is against all five invoices.

If you have to appropriate the Tax Withholding against each invoice and payment, I think you have to cancel the payment entry and use a journal entry for each of the Invoices.

Hope this helps.



I actually know to do this but just hoping there can be a way each withholding tax can be link to the earlier fully paid invoices.
Anyway, thanks a bunch @JayRam. Will treat as you suggested above.