Admin can't access desk

I am not exactly sure how it happened, but over night my site won’t allow me to login with the administrator account. When I do, I am logged out and get this error message:

I tried resetting the password from bench, but still can’t get in. I tried logging in with another system user and get same error message. Any way to reset from command line?

did you try bench set-admin-password

Yes, did that. What is weird is if I go to the site by it’s IP address, it works fine but no workie if I go to the site by its DNS domain name.

You are going to the wrong site. Just check the site served on the IP and DNS are same.

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Oh I see, you all use DNS as part of security. I have more than one DNS name pointing to same IP. I’ll make some changes… Thanks

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Just a note on this topic: I observed the same issue on a virtual development instance, which had been running for days (ERPNext v10, Debian 9 on VirtualBox on Windows host). When trying to access it from the host system through http://localhost:8000, the Admin had no desk access (login successful, same error as in this thread). Restart of frappe bench did not resolve it, but a complete restart of the VM solved the issue… In case this is useful for someone experiencing the same.