Admin Password Reset

I set up ERPNext using Frappe_docker image and somehow forgot my admin password,is there a way I can reset this without reinstalling the entire system. Any feedback is highly appreciated. Im able to access the login page,I just need reset of credentials.

exec into or start new container that runs the bench set-admin-password command.

docker exec -it frappe_docker_erpnext-python_1 bench --site <sitename> set-admin-password newpassword

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Thank you for your prompt reply, however I’m getting No such file or directory error when I run the command

I can’t help then. It worked on play with docker just now

in a terminal, run

bench --site <sitename> set-admin-password newpassword

PS: This is basically the same answer as revant_one posted, but isn’t reliant on the docker part

Please am using frappe@ubuntu. Please how do I reset my password can’t still gety self around it