Admin URL for Manual install

I’ve installed ErpNext via the manual installation instruction on CentOX 7. Everything worked well but http://localhost give me a page to register. What’s the URL to login as Admin?


@iadr3805 http://localhost/login

I’m getting a page for email address and password.

@iadr3805 return on the frappe-bench folder and run bench build at end return to the page and reload it!

After that still no luck. Am I missing something?

@iadr3805 open the browser console pressing F12, go to the network tab, reload it, and put the printscreen here

here you go

@iadr3805, the webserver is failing to send the assets to the browser! check the nginx paths described in the file, frappe-bench/config/nginx.conf

This is the config file line

location /assests {
try_files $uri =404;

Check if the nginx have perms to access the path

How do I do this? I’m not this technical with Centos.
Also why is Frappe in user’s home folder?

@iadr3805 maybe Stack overflow can help you with the last question!

I’m not a technical with Centos too!

I installed ERP as root user instead of a another user with root permissions and it worked.