Administrator login error

Installed frappe bench on ubuntu 14.04 using easy install script. Frappe bench installed successfully

Administrator login error: Login incorrect

on bench start command: IOError: [Errno 13] Premision denied: ‘/home/frappe/frappe-bench/logs/bench.log’

Try removing the file '/home/frappe/frappe-bench/logs/bench.log as sudo and run bench again.

We will have a look at this. Thanks for reporting.

While running easy install script for Frappe and Erpnext it gave Insecureplatform warning accessing ssl sites. and installed frappe bench successfully

I could run bench after removing bench.log file. Create app and site library. When I try to install app it returns error: frappe app is not installed. Run following command to install frappe

When I try to install frappe it gives frappe already exists

@mahesh_bans sorry we need to update those.

Use bench --help to see the new commands.

Dear Rushabh, Can you elaborate on process to rectify the error in frappe bench access. I tried Centos 6 earlier and now Ubuntu 14.04 latest OS. Is there more easy way to get the framework, either on my pendrive or CD to begin

What is the error you are facing?

Easiest way it to clone from GitHub.