Administrator password

Dear All,

I have setup ERPNext and unfortunately we have lossed the admin password.

Kindly suggest how can recover it.

You can reset the admin password. Run the following in the frappe-bench directory:

bench --site sitename set-admin-password new-passowrd
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I am unable to go to frappe-bench directory through SSH Panel.

Please suggest how can do it.

Please share how your ERPNext instance is setup.

The general steps are:

  1. SSH into the server.
  2. Switch to the frappe user created during installation.
  3. Navigate to the frappe-bench directory. This contains the folders like apps (containing the Frappe and ERPNext apps) and sites (your instance), etc.
  4. Run the set-admin-password command and set a new password.
  5. Check by logging with new credentials.

Please suggest how can run the command here

Run ls and check the directories under your user. There should be something created as frappe- bench. This is where you have to run the command.

I am running commands on this panel. I have run ls command . Nothing is happen. Please suggest how can I do it.

command not found error is coming

cd /home/frappe/frappe-bench
Then run the command to set admin password.

Or if it didn’t work, then cd /home
Then ls -l
It will show list of users, cd into each one of them and ls -l till you find frappe-bench

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