Administrator to force Logout of Users? Or see logged in Users?

Okay, I have looked the forum over and only found a reference to manually “Disabling” each user one at a time to force them to logout so you can reboot for server maintenance. This is impractical though. It means going into each of the 27 users profiles and disabling them, doing the server maintenance, and then going back to each of the user profiles to re-enable them.

I can’t imagine that nobody else has asked about this. I must be overlooking something.

How does everyone else handle this?

I also have a client asking if there is a way to tell who is logged in at any given time. They want to see a list of users currently active on the system. Is there a way to get this?



Is there really nothing in the system to support forced logout of users?


Hi, I am not sure that I understood you correct but how about bench destroy-all-sessions?

Hi, in order to see the logged in users you can open the “chat”.

For the maintenance, we stop supervisor before doing a maintenance or update to ensure nobody can access the system.

Is this a valid bench command? I could not find it in the documentation.

If it is a valid command and does not hurt the database, then I can use it to shut everyone down before doing a reboot.

It really would be better though to be able to do this from inside the Administrator login and force a popup message telling the users they have xx number of seconds to save their work and logout before the system goes down.


Once the current sessions are stopped, maybe this could be used to keep them from starting a new login session.

Where can I find the appropriate syntax for this command?


sudo supervisorctl stop all

And after maintenance

sudo supervisorctl start all

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Hmmmm, I don’t know if it’s valid. But when you run bench --help you can see this destroy-all-sessions command in the list.

well, when I tried bench destroy-all-sessions it forced me to logout, (Session Expired) and asked me to enter password.

Excellent! Thank you. I will try this on tonight’s maintenance job.

That is what I get for trying to look in the published docs instead of the application help. Thank you.

Excellent again!! I will also try using this before my maintenance session tonight.

Thank you everyone! . :star_struck::grin:


What was the result ?

The results were as follows:

  • there is no function that will do this from within the GUI

  • The best approach is to ssh into your server and run:

bench destroy-all-sessions
sudo supervisorctl stop all
  • then perform any server maintenance and to put everything back to normal run:


sudo supervisorctl start all


  • Now you server is back online.

I have been using this approach for a year and it works every time.