Administrator user cannot set password for new user

Brand new user here. I have just finished installing ERPNext with Docker, and I logged in with the administrator user and the password I created on setup.

Then I completed the welcome setup asking about the company, etc.

The next step is to create other users, so I created the other users but I cannot set a password for them to login. There is no option to set a password for them, as it says there should be per the documentation.

How can I set a password for my users if the option is not available to the administrator master user?

I am going to have to ask another question as well, because I cannot get my Microsoft Office 365 email setup. I am very sure I set it up correctly and I even hired an ERPNext expert on and he can’t figure out what’s wrong either… I bring this up because I cannot send the user I reset password email either…


Here’s where you set a new user’s password, under settings/users/change password:

You don’t set a new user’s password from this menu: