Administrator Users for ERPNext Hosted User?

Hi, I am wondering how to get administrator rights for ERPNext hosted users. With recent update, I am getting lots of issue with permission things. Then I noticed there is administrator role, which is not available for me to assign my user. I was managing my customization with user having role “System Manager”. But now when I am trying to customize a report, I start getting error " No permission to Save Reports" and many more .

Can anyone tell if its is right or there is bug.

Because of this permission issue, I feel i should move to self hosted version. Please help what is best exercise.

Hello Sumit,

Administrator rights for hosted accounts are reserved with ERPNext.
Are you trying to customize the standard reports? Please elaborate.


Hi @prakash_hodage yes I want to customize standard report. I am trying to duplicate standard report format then customize it as per my requirements, as we dont need few columns.

@Sumit_Arora the way to get this done is to do it in your local system and send a pull-request to merge it in the core product. If you are not a developer, you can connect with a community developer to push this for you.