Admnistrator user not visible in V13

Good day all

I have just completed my V13 install. It is running ( appart from an issue which I posted
in another thread ).

But one thing I noticed is that under USERS I cannot see ADMINISTRATOR.
Is this by design ??


yes its invisible to other users but you still can login to administrator

Thank you @PyJumper for your quick response !

Should it also be invisible in the USER-LIST if I log on as ADMINISTRATOR?

Surely I should be able to see the ADMINISTRATOR user when I log in as ADMINISTRATOR so
that I can make changes to the account ?

yes, use administrator and the password from the easy install step, then you have full access to edit it or any other user

Thank you @PyJumper

Here is what I see when I log in as ADMINISTRATOR …


Could it be related to the posting below ???..

This is an issue I found just after doing my V13 install … 3 errors in my ERROR-LOG.

Hi John,

From your screenshot, it appears you have a Filter applied.
If you remove that filter, can you then see the Administrator?

Thanks @brian_pond

I did see that but when I clicked on it it didn’t show anything.

But I was about to make another post …

It seems all is fine …

I was looking at the USERS-LIST directly after I logged in as ADMINISTATOR during the
setting up of the initial “settings” … but I have to assume that I was infact NOT logged in as
ADMINISTRATOR but as the “first user”.

Because when I logged out and then logged back in again ( as ADMINISTATOR ) , I can now see
the ADMINISTRATOR account. ( And also the “GUEST” account.


So the WELCOME was done as ADMINISTRATOR, but when I logged out , it logged out
as “John Longland” …and when I logged in again it was as ADMINISTRATOR.

So , sorry all, my bad. All does in fact seem fine.

Thanks @brian_pond !

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