Advance Paid on Sales Order when Customer Currency was USD but the Payment was done in Local Currency

Hi all,
Currently i’m still on V12 and did not try this on V13 or V14 but would be great to know if happens the same issue…
Let’s say i have a Customer created with no Default Currency set and created a Sales Order in USD where the Total is 746,000.00

I create the Payment against this Sales Order and notice that the currency is my local one AOA/KZ . The total of the Sales Order on local currency was 2,961,620 and the first Advance payment was of 1,500,000 and the Second was of 500,000.00

Now the Advance Paid shown on Sales Order was of 2,000,000.00 while it should be the value converted in USD as the Sales Order was in USD and not in local Currency.

The question is why not having a field base_advance_paid ?