Advance Payment entry

Hey I,m implementing erpnext 5 for my company . But facing problem with advance payment entry . Previously there was option to pull advance from journal in sales invoice . But now that function doesn’t work . What is the best way to take advance from customer ? Should I still need to create a new journal and pull it from there ? (But no option to select the journal entry) or write directly ?

If I write directly at advance tab in sales invoice and do not click “get advance received” I can’t submit sales invoice it gives me error .

If I click “get advance received” advance get vanish after submitting sales invoice and no entry in ledger.


Adjusting advance payment entry in the Sales Invoice works just fine in my test account.

Before saving Sales Invoice, ensure Allocated Amount is updated in the Advances table. If Allocated Amount is not updated, then value from Advances table will be reset on save and submit.

Hello Thanks for replay

But from where you pulled this journal entry in sales invoice? I do not find any option to pull a journal entry in advance payment section in sales invoice ? Just an option saying allocated amount . Please see screenshot

Also when adding advance payment entry in journal before pulling it from sales invoice how can I specify for which customer this advance entry is ? Previously each customer had different account so it was specific , but in new party model how to specify it ?

Party selection is not allowed .


Check following link for the stepwise help in creating advance payment entry, and adjusting with in Sales Invoice.

  1. In the Sales Invoice, Advance section, you will find button called “Get Advance Received”. Clicking on this button will pull advance payment voucher made for Customer selected in Sales Invoice.
  2. For the payment entry, as indicated in the screenshot, you are able to select Party/Customer/Supplier in the payment entry.
  3. In the payment entry, for the Customer’s row, update “Is Advance” as “Yes”. Only payment vouchers updated as “Is Advance - Yes” are pulled in the Sales Invoice.

One advance payment voucher is correctly pulled in the Sales Invoice, you will be able to update “Allocated Amount” for it.



Thanks a lot . It works perfectly . How can I give an invoice to customer for his advance payment ? Also when I send sales invoice to customer advance is not mentioned.

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Helpful information… thanks

Where is this “get advance received” (or whatever it may be called now) in the sales invoice? I’ve looked all over and cannot find it! I have the latest updates (as of about 6 hours ago at least).

After hours of poking around, I finally figured it out. When the sales invoice is POS, then the Advanced Payment section disappears.

Is this supposed to happen? Seems odd to me, but maybe there is a business case for it, idk.

Anyway, I have sort of a workaround for now. After creating the POS invoice, I can simply switch to the other page and uncheck the POS. I wouldn’t think that would affect the final outcome, but please advise me if this is incorrect usage of your otherwise fine product.

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Advance payment on a POS transaction is exactly my need is. Is there a better option then to make these changes and automatically allocate the pos transaction against prepaid amount? Any tips to customize his will be useful. I am ready to contribute back if I succeed. But need some starting pointers.

This thread needs to be closed. The ERPNext version has been changed a lot. I think it makes this thread irrelevant.

I think these tips and steps are no longer valid in new versions of ERPNext. There is no Is Advance button in the Payment Entry.

Also, the Is Advance checkbox in the Journal Entry (in the child table) seems to be not working or no longer usable.