Advance payment to suppliers

I want to pay in advance to suppliers so I created a purchase orders submit period then I creative a journal voucher but I cannot find the button where it says is advance payment so please help me out how do I pay advance money to suppliers and also I want to pay extra advance which should be a balance with the suppliers

Pay against Purchase Order. dont do it with JV.

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After you create, save and submit the PO, you can use the “Make… Payment” button to create a payment. When you later open the PO, you can “Make… Invoice” which allows you to assign the payment to the PINV.

In my case, preferred sequence that works is
PO… Payment… Invoice… Receipt

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Thanks a lot luv it

How to default the account to other account instead default payable account in company setup?

Let say I want to use payment in advance cash account

Hello Adnan
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Brother, I have some confusion. I made vendor’s advance entry through PO a few days earlier. I got this vendor’s Invoice Today. I need to adjust amount that was advanced. Can you pls explain the steps to adjust this advance?
Mukarram KHAN

Create Purchase Invoice from Purchase Order and make sure you choose Payment Entry in Get Advance table

Or else if Purchase Invoice is already submitted then use Payment Reconciliation to match the invoice with payment

Hi Mukarram,

Aadhil explained it well. you need to create Purchase Invoice and fetch advances against it which were received against PO.