Advanced price rule


I am trying to set up a price rule for my business but I don’t know if I can do it and how.
We are selling products which need investment so for example the first 10.000 units will cost 11 EUR and after that the price will be 10 EUR. But the new price is available only from the 10.001 unit sold to this customer.

Can I do that ?

Thanks for your help.


This is easily possible.

You can have 2 pricing rules based on Item Code or group as per your convenience.

First Pricing Rule Priority = 1, Minimum order qty should be 0, and maximum order qty should be 10 and the price should be 11.

Second Pricing Rule Priority = 1, Minimum order qty should be 11 or 10.0001 and price can be 10

Try this and I think this should work.

Thank you for your answer.
Actually I want only the units from the 10001th to be at the new price and not the whole order.
So if I have an order with 15000 units, it should give something like:
(10000 * 11) + (5000 * 10) and not 15000 * 10.

I don’t think that this is possible in current setup.