Advertising and Marketing on this Website

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of blunt marketing and advertising on this forum. It has made myself and a few others uncomfortable.

I do not know if we have official rules forbidding these type of posts.

But as a long-time resident, I can say with confidence that the Spirit and Purpose of this website is:

  • Asking Questions
  • Providing Answers
  • Sharing Information, Discoveries, Suggestions.

This is not a platform for directly advertising everyones’ personal business, consulting, and contracting services.

I ask that members please perform direct marketing on their own websites, blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.


Possible exceptions:

  1. Your bio! Answer a question and those who might want your services are likely to see your bio.
  2. Answer to a particular question: If there is a question asking for who are experts in X, you could post your credentials, in a way it is not biased to anyone.
  3. If you are launching a new service that may be beneficial to everyone (eg. frappecloud)

I will answer by Yes and No.
Yes because community members concentrated in this forum and this is the only place to frequent max number of ERPNextian (new word for ERPNext community), in the other hand if announcement is subject related to ERPNext/Frappe so why not it’s something healthy to community even doing business at the end community and product will be better.

No if announcement does not has any relation with ERPNext or frappe product, for ex market an Appel watch or SAP etc…


Yes, this forum is the largest concentration of ERPNext users on the web.

While that is convenient for consultants and service providers, this is not their platform. The purpose of this site is not to provide easy-access to prospects for marketing and up-selling.

Imagine how this site would look and feel, if whenever we logged in, the first thing we’d view is dozens of posts that are just ads? Thread after thread, created by consultants and service providers, who are just trying to be “helpful” by advertising their own solutions?

There is a time and place for marketing. But that is not what Discuss ERPNext is meant to be.

When visitors come here, they should feel comfortable to share, discuss and participate. As members of an open community. Not as ‘consumers’ or marketing targets.


in this case should be more governance on posts by implementing posts category, like that posts should pass for approval and validate it’s category.

If someone don’t care on advertising should not select this Tab.

It’s a win-win solution but need an extra effort.

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@nmami it is a slippery slope.

I am of the opinion that there should be a strict no adverts policy in place. Let your contributions and problem solving skill sets be your advert.

Let people know and see you as an altruistic professional problem solver and they will come to you with their peculiar problem. And most likely pay for it. That is the real win win.

Else…I also have a couple of products I can sell here. I can pitch them daily too.



I believe there is a solution already in place (although maybe not used enough).

I frequently get pings to review posts that were flagged by other users for everything from spam and blatant advertising, to posts potentially created by “bots” and I know I have deleted users, rejected posts, and approved those that were not outside the common courtesy of the community.

I do not know how the posts get flagged. I know that I see them in my messages sometimes and I try to help out with the policing of the “junk mail”

I know I am not the only one getting these messages so there are others helping with this effort as well.

Maybe there could be a required post that had to be read and agreed to in order to become a user of the forum and the text would include the no advertising clause. I have been around for so long now that I forgot what was in the requirements for me to create an account.

Even low level moderators like myself are trying to do as much as we can to tamp this problem down, but it does seem that there are more and more of them popping up every week.



I agree with @brian_pond and @olamide_shodunke.

Allowing free-for-all ad posts especially as direct as creating a thread will turn this community into a rowdy market and turn away developers and enthusiasts who visit just to contribute to the community without asking for anything in return.

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Lets keep ad out of this forum. I have seen LinkedIn group become free for all with ad only. The objective of the groups have been lost entirely. If posts are not flagged as SPAM then I am very much sure we would have difficult time finding posts that matter.

It will also discourage genuine folks who come here to help others. This forum works both ways for me. In beginning it was a source of knowledge (it continues to be) and now that I have gained some of if I can assist others.


I could see a sudden spurt in outright commercial posts. Deleted them. Let’s keep the forum clean and meaningful.

Edit: It might be okay for adding the company name as a signature, or make a “how to” post if it is informational and useful. If it’s blatant marketing with no detailed explanation or link to source code, then it should be moderated.


You have deleted ERPNext opportunities telegram group announcement, it’s not marketing or ads, I am not winning any cents from that group instead I am trying to help ERPNext community to make centralized place for job seekers and poster. Where any one can share job announcement. I hope it’s clear now.

You were promoting it too actively in my opinion! - too many posts daily on number of users.

I consider this group as a kind of contribution, request you to be more democratic with me, I felt under a dictator regime :slight_smile: when you deleted my announcement.

by the way I will invite you to join :wink:

how it works,