Advice on data import

I am trying to figure out the best way to import my customers from zoho to erpnext. There is a break between customers and contacts in erpnext. Should I import them as customers and as contacts? If i do that will they associate with each other? When they are exported from zoho its just one file. Any advice would be appreciated.


In ERPNext, you will have to import Customer and Contact via separate excel file. You should import Customer master following these steps.

  1. Export Customer+Contact from Zoho.
  2. Download template for importing Customer in ERPNext. Help on Data Import here.
  3. Copy required from data backup of Zoho, and paste in the template of Customer master.
  4. Import Customers in ERPNext.
  5. Download template for Contacts.
  6. Copy required data from Zoho Backup and paste in Contact’s template. You will also be able to link Customer with Contact already imported in ERPNext.
  7. Import Contacts in ERPNext.

On the same lines, you will also import Address for the Customers. Again, Suppliers will be migrated following same steps as above.

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that worked thanks. Can you also tell me how to apply credit to customers. I have some customers that prepay for support hours and when i bill them i would like to deduct the invoice from the prepaid balance.


Here is the help on managing advance payment, and adjusting it while


I was interested by the link explaining about prepayement settings but apparently it doesn’t seem to be a valid link anymore…

Please refer
Hope this helps.