Advice with invoicing, back to service invoicing


I am back with my issues with service invoicing on ERPNext.

How are you doing this on your companies/implementations? What are your advices?

I have asked several times in the forum, and I received good and kind replies that helped me, but seriously, I think it has to be a better way to do it that fully manually, as we are doing it at the moment.

Let’s consider the simplest case, of one person that makes a task with hours and materials, and wants to make an invoice for this.

If the task took 2 hours of a simple day, and a couple of screws, it is easy to make manually an invoice and add those 2 items.

But imagine that the task took a couple of months, and you introduced like 100 purchase invoices with line items that are already assigned to the project. How do you invoice that?

And this is the simplest case, but in many real cases, it is not a task, but 60 tasks per project, and there are several projects running at a time. And also you have to invoice before the task has ended, because if not you don’t have money to run your bussiness.

So, my first question is, am I doing anything wrong? At the moment I see that the costs of the materials purchased to be consumed on the projects is there, and it is being computed to the different costs related fields. But is there a way that I am missing to get all the items purchased for the task that are not billed, and create an invoice with them? At the moment I only have been able to do it manually!

The developers had recommended BIMs for that, but whenever I have tried it in this way, I find it daunting, and I don’t think that it solves the fact to have to invoice before the end of the task.

Also, the TimeSheets are good, and you can get some hours from one timesheets to create an invoice, but really it would be great to get the possibility to add materials used in a task in a similar way as the expenses from the workers, and combine this together with the hours and produce an invoice with that.

To have this for several tasks together it would be superb.

On our previous system, in java, we had a loop that would go through each task of a project with hours or materials still not billed. For each task it would add the hours with their description and the materials, and it would change its state from not billed to billed.

But that was a long time ago. In ERPNext I wouldn’t know how and where to start.

I hope this comment doesn’t sound negative. I am amazed of what you are achieving with ERPNext and very grateful. It is only that there are times when everything seems to come the wrong way, and things just doesn’t come out.

I hope you all remain healthy wherever you are.

Many thanks and kind regards from Spain,