Advise on how to use Leave Allocation


for one fiscal year we allocate the same number of “Standard Leave” days to all employees from 1st January to 31 December.

The employee gets extra leave days in case of childbirth. The system does not allow me to allocate additional “Standard Leave” days because the dates overlap.

How to handle a situation like this?
I can cancel the Standard Leave entry, change the allocation and submit again but it makes history tracking difficult. Why did the employee get the additional 3 days?

Creating a Leave of another type creates new problems.

  1. If an employee wants to apply for more days then allocated in the New Leave Type he would need to create two Leave Applications, one to consume days from the New Leave Type and another for Standard Leave.

  2. It’s not easy to see the total number of days available anymore, he need to add different leave types.

Why not have an option to simple create new Leave Allocation which is added to the already present entry?

Am I using it wrong? Thanks for your help.

Creating a new leave type maybe the best option at this point. You can Cancel and Amend the leave allocation too if there are no leaves approved.

In the end I opted for a cancel / amend solution.
Not sure why it works the way it works, I would expect to be able to add multiple allocations.

Thanks for the help!

You can create a GitHub issue for the same, to request an enhancement, good to know the work around worked for you.