Aerele/Apparelo installation

I am unable to install Apparelo on my bench site.
It is giving "frappe.exceptions.duplicateentryerror( moduledef,apparelo,integrityerror(1062 duplicate entry apparelo for key primary))
Note:I have already install erpnext and after that I try to install apparelo as recommended.
please suggest

try with this command.

Bench --site yoursite uninstall-app apparelo --force

Getting the below error

hello how you solved this error?

While installing apparelo on site its showing below error.

ImportError: Module import failed for GRN, the DocType you're trying to open might be deleted.<br> Error: cannot import name 'make_rm_stock_entry' from 'erpnext.buying.doctype.purchase_order.purchase_order' (apps/erpnext/erpnext/buying/doctype/purchase_order/

Site is newly created and I am installing apparelo after completing Setup Wizard.

Please guide .