After Creating Webform How to hit Rest API for this Web Form?

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Use Case :-

I was created new Web Form called (Bio Data) & i wants to pass data html to erp through web form using ajax() but i didn’t get the Rest API for this particular webform.

If anyone do this earlier please tell me the process/steps or suggest me how i’ll do this.

If the webform is made based on a doctype, the data will be automatically saved in the doctype.
And if you want to save some data to other doctype, you can use the js or py file in that doctype directory. No need to use REST.
You can use frappe.new_doc or frappe.db.set_value or other frappe api.

Thanks for the reply,

I know those things but how i will send html (third-party) website form data through using Web Form into Erpnext??

Like i have one html site and i wanted to pass the form data to erpnext without authentication in erpnext Like WebForm??

So how i can do it?

You can use REST for that or RMC

or webhook

also courtesy of @karanigk

And you can’t use them without authenticating. Easiest way to aythenticate is to create a user and generate key:secret to be used as token.