After Install ERPNext Production No Module ERPNext


Just finish install erpnext production, but no erpnext running? only frappe how to make the erpnext running so i can see all modules from erpnext?


From the frappe-bench folder run:

bench --site site1.local install-app ERPNext

Where site1.local is the site bench setup.

If you aren’t sure run ls in the frappe-bench folder. Hit cd sites. Hit ls again and you will see the site name you set or the bench setup by default.

If you already have ERPNext installed and it’s still not running:

  1. If you setup for develop, hit bench start from the frappe-bench folder. Then point your browser to local host:8001 (I think)
  2. If you setup for production hit sudo service supervisor restart and sudo service nginx restart and try again after 15 seconds.

Hope this helps.



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Thanks, now running well.
Here my step ::

  1. Because already running wizard, i must do reinstall
    bench --site reinstall
  2. The Install the ERP
    bench --site install-app erpnext

Thanks for the help