After installing ERPNext Chinese, an error occurs and the site cannot be accessed

I’m trying to make the interface Chinese through the package.

Below is my bench command to create the site.

bench new-site frontend --no-mariadb-socket --admin-password=${ADMIN_PASSWORD} --db-root-password=${DB_PASSWORD} --install-app erpnext --set-default;
bench get-app;
bench --site frontend install-app erpnext_chinese;

The command completed without generating any error messages.
However, the last container named scheduler has the following error message, causing the site to be unable to access normally.
The same situation applies to the version of ERPNext using v14.29.2 or v13.52.4.
Also I installed this package with no problem.

版本 ERPNext: v14.31.3

I am author/maintainer of app erpnext_chinese, please join our local Chinese community QQ group 756185211.

we have hundreds of users using the app on daily basis without any problem.

Hy @roy.deng

Try This Command

bench stop

bench new-site [site-name]

bench get-app

bench --site [site-name] install-app erpnext_chinese

bench start 

bench migrate

It’s properly Working

Thank You!

Looking at the command you’ve used containers.

You need to build image with custom apps, refer Frequently Asked Questions · frappe/frappe_docker Wiki · GitHub