After Major update in workflow. Action Button gone missing from the menubar

After a recent update in workflow. The action button has gone missing rather than than we are receiving an email for the task. i have shared the screenshot for the reference.
Beside Menu in the task screen earlier we had an action button wherein we were suppose to click on the next state. But we are not able to see the button. But we are all our staff are receiving the emails due to this. Kindly let me know how we can get back that action button.


Please check if the self approval is enabled in the workflow.

You will not see any workflow action button if self approval disabled in the workflow and if the document is created by you.


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Yes it’s been checked. Earlier we had an action button appearing on the top side. But now its gone. All the updates are been mailed to all the employees.

Ok I got it. Even tough i have checked and saved. It was not reflected. I needed to clear the cache.

In my case, had introduced a new state which had no transition to any other