After Restore Backup Error in ERPNext V14

Session Start Failed

Module import failed for Workspace Number Card, the DocType you’re trying to open might be deleted.
Error: No module named ‘frappe.desk.doctype.workspace_number_card’…

After Restoring the Backup in ERPNext Version 14, In the Web Instance of ERPNext it shows the above Error message, How to solve the Error message…

I am trying this below steps to restore the backup in my ERPNext Version 14:

I try to restore the backup of v13 to v14 in erpnext, Now I  try this way - 
1. Uploaded the sql backup file on ubuntu server from the windows local using the cmd - scp 20231204_060002-ahp_medicall_in-database.sql.gz frappe@
2. Then unzip the file in the ubuntu using the cmd - gunzip 20231204_060002-ahp_medicall_in-database.sql.gz.
3. Then restore database using restore cmd on ubuntu - bench --site --force restore 20231204_060002-ahp_medicall_in-database.sql.
Next the restore process starts, then how long it will take to restore the backup file with size of 750MB.

Try backup with all files.

  1. bench --site [sitename] backup --with-files
    its will create 4 files : “database”, “private files”, “local/public files” and “json files”

  2. bench --site [sitename] --force restore [path sql database which file name] --with-private-files[filename] --with-public-files[filename]

  3. bench migrate or bench --site [sitename] migrate

***dont need to gunzip the database file. just restore it with *.gz extension.

Thank You, Now its working fine.

Now, I had another query. In my web instance of erpnext the Help button is shown on the righ corner of the page, while I clicking it, it shows nothing like about, setting,etc,…

How do I make option as visible about the version like in my erpnext instance


After the restore process successfully completed, In Healthcare module - Patient Encounter doctype it shows titles only not showing any fields, How solve this..