After running V11 on production setup for a few days we found following shortcomings and/or bugs

  1. When we make a new contact from customers form by pressing ‘Add Contact’ button. A new contact form is opened but it does not update the customer link automatically and has to be manually done.

  2. In purchase orders when we have terms in the terms template in print preview the terms are shown but when we print or make pdf from it they disappear.

  3. Quality Inspection cannot be made from quotation earlier we had a custom script which was working fine but with new default script it works well for stock entry but not with others.

  4. In customer module, the dashboards have become empty for all events. Although the balloons with correct nos. are displayed against respective documents. In supplier module, both dashboard events and ballloons have become empty.

  5. As already posted earlier, the delivery note list does not show headers. Original discussion here

  6. Dropbox backup is not working.

After Upgrading to the most recent version V11.1.5 following problems have been solved:

Points 1, 2, 5 have been solved.