After Signup | New User

hi, @avc

Whenever new user signup into my website means.
I want to send email to them. Welcome to my website like that.

I tried to add code but it’s not working. How to make it work. For every new user
Anyone has solution. Kindly help

You can send a welcome mail using notification.
Go to Notifications and create New Notification for the user and send alert on new.

Make sure you have configured outgoing email in email account.


Thankyou for your response

I selected User doctype and i choose New
Any conditions we need to right. I already enabled email account list. I will get email’s.
For this right now i logged in with new account, i didn’t get any email.

It will send email when user created? or it will take some time

This will trigger after creating new user.
we can define what events want to trigger under Send Alert.
Refer this:


Thankyou it’s working :innocent:

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