After update the desktop is messed up [custom development]

What is on console?

Also check by executing,

  • bench clear-cache
  • bench build

Still the same.

What’s there on browser console log?

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (NOT FOUND)

It seems like a css issue.


'bench update --build'

I fully restored the site just to figure out what caused the issue.

I did not update the system but updated the css & js files
bench build caused the same issue

So the problem is caused by css or js files.

I restored the system again

did bench update which broke the desktop again.

Now, I am planning to do something more radical. Like install the updated system then restore files.

bench update --build

It will buil css and js

Not update your system

So, no risk in runnig this command

For more help, run

bench --help

bench update --help


I was trying to show notifications on login screen which I made lots of changes on bootstrap and login pages (html and css).

So the problem was me. The way to recover is to create a changelog and keep the original files.