After updating ERPNext: v14.0.0-beta.5 (version-14-beta) to v14 balance incorect

i just update from version v14.0.0-beta.5 to v14
before the update all was work fine after update
i have Accounts Receivable amount balance incorrect
and Accounts Payable amount balance incorrect
at the Chart of Accounts all amounts is OK
at General Ledger amounts is OK


Have you run all the patches specifically related to payment ledger?

do you mean
bench update --patch
yes after updating i run it
then i migrate site

i just try on another fresh ubuntu 22.04
but i install erpnext v14.0.0-beta.5
and restore db and site folder
all work fine and the amount balance is Ok
then i try to upgrade to v14.0.0-beta.7
balance crash as version 14

Note if i creat new site no data restore
and just create customer and make an invoice and payment
the balance is ok
just if i restore data to new site from v14.0.0-beta.5 to version v14.0.0-beta.7 or version 14
balance crash

any ideas friends