After upgrade erp 6 to v7

Hi i had update from v6 to V7. every thing seems ok. but when i create new local user and give him all roles . as soon as he login in his dash board school erp data is also there.
is this a bug or you had merge school and

erp together.

School app is now a part of erpnext!

It would be nice if we when setting up an account it will ask you what modules you want to be enabled. We could also have it by industry. Just my two cents

It takes a few seconds to remove modules or disable the Academics role.

@Ben_Cornwell_Mott i can agree to that but my thinking is more for a business owner. They typically are not be the most tech savvy person and that could hurt adoption in my mind.

I think he might be suggesting that as an administrator, you can restrict roles/access by viewing their user in your position

@zahidshuja can you please explain the commands you used to upgrade. I’m having trouble in upgrage.

bench update

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