After upgrade to V10 Kanban card view is messed up

After upgrading to V10 Kanban view is messed up.
All of the cards have “undefined” instead of Project Title.

Maybe reinstantiate the report view on that Project with this Task's kanban view keeps deleted data · Issue #12066 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

@clarkej thanks for posting. Actually, I’ve tried that and it does not clear the issue.
I was able to fix it by editing the html template and inserting {{ name }} instead of {{ title }} like this:

<div class="kanban-card-wrapper" data-name="{{name}}">
	<div class="kanban-card content">
		<div class="kanban-card-title">
			{{ name }}
		<div class="kanban-card-meta">			

I was hoping there is something else I did wrong in the migration process because it does not make sense that this is a bug - a lot of people would’ve noticed it. I had to do this workaround since Kanban view of projects is very important to our organisation.

Having The same issue after updating to v10. Need to know how can fix this and show project names instead.
Don’t want to change the HTML Code as it will effect the bench update process

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