After upgrade to V6, no text-boxes are displayed in some pages anymore

After upgrading erpnext from V5 to V6, we unfortunately encountered a problem.

There are no forms (text-boxes) displayed in our Sale Orders and Purchase Orders records.

For example, we cannot see Supplier, Date, Supply Raw Materials, Items, Qty, Rate, Amount, etc in our Purchase Order records. These pages are blank and only headers displayed.

Would you assist me to troubleshoot it, please?

Are there error logs files or reports I can look into?
I could not find any related errors in Setup → Settings → Error Snapshot


@fcpl can you share a screenshot

Also try bench clear-cache

Hi @rmehta

Thank you for your support.

Although the ‘bench clear-cache’ did not appear to fix the issue,
updating to the latest version by ‘bench update’ seemed do a trick.
Now we are able to see data displayed.

Thank you again.

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