Aggregation of activities from contacts to companies

I do see, that if I send an offer or an invoice for a customer, it will show in his comment overview. But if I make a comment in the primary or a secondary contact it will not be shown in the customer organization? Is there a rule what will be aggregated and what stays in the contact? In our current CRM system every single bit (every comment, every task, every change a user makes) will be visible in the organization.

Also there is a “global activity” stream. Does ERPNext have such a global stream?

Individual overview of activities for one contact in Highrise

Aggregated overview of a company with activities from all contacts

Hi @Martin_Seibert,

I think what you are looking for is the records of the “Communication” doctype. All comments are stored in this and you can filter as useful. You can also use a custom script e.g. on the customer to fetch related feeds and display this.

Hope this helps

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